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Test vulnerabilidad online

Posted by buson en noviembre 9, 2005

Antes de instalar nada en nuestras máquinas podemos probar algunas herramientas de prueba para ver lo eficaces que puedens ser.

PC Vulnerability Testing

BrowserSpyThis tool will tell you all sorts of information that can be obtained about you and your browser! It’s free.

HackerWhacker™See your computer the way hackers do! Run a free security check, and get tons of information.

ShieldsUP!™Can anyone crawl into your computer while you’re connected to the Internet? Check and see here! It’s free.

WinNuke Test PageThis page allows you to test your PC (free) for vulnerability to the “WinNuke” attack, which is a Denial of Service (DOS) attack that completely disables networking on many Win95 and WinNT machines. Try this at your own peril.

Sygate Online ServicesMany different kinds of security scans are offered here.

Security Space Security CheckThis site offers many different security tests. Any number of individual tests may be run free; however, if you want to run a complete audit, there’s a fee.

Port Scan Security CheckThe Secure Design Port Scan Security Check can give you a free report of open ports that may put you at risk to the security threats on the SANS Institute’s “Top Ten Most Critical Internet Security Threats” list.

CyberCop ASaP Online Vulnerability Assessment Service McAfee’s CyberCop ASaP is an online vulnerability assessment service that you can try for free.

IRCBot DetectorThis tool will tell you if you have an IRCBot running on your system without your permission.

Free ibh Online NETBIOS Vulnerability CheckHere is another free online vulnerability check which includes NetBus und BO checks.

Test Your E-mail DefensesIf you wish, you will be sent an e-mail with a harmless .VBS file attached in order to see if your system detects it.

PCWorld’s PC Pit Stop Run all sorts of diagnostics on your machine here.

Virus/Trojan InformationBe sure to also check your system for viruses and trojans here.

Spyware InformationBe sure to also check your system for spyware here.

As with all software, etc., try it at your own peril, and it is always wise to make a backup of your systerm before installing anything new.



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